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    Welcome! This blog will take you through the path of one of my craziest addictions and to show you how there is no turning back once you’ve had that one hit. I will give you a sneak peak of the behind the scenes and an upfront and personal of many designs and imaginative ideas. Elations Designs is a wedding and event planning company that I created eight years ago. Throughout the years, weddings have evolved into something major and amazing. I have just continued to move forward with the trends and work to be more creative and innovative. No cookie cutters or imitations. What you will see is the real thing. One hit and the rest is history.

    I travel across the country to share my addiction of weddings and events. So if you are planning a destination wedding contact me and I will be there.
    email: info at elationsdesigns dot com

Personal Style

I think its fun to mix classic, whimsical and patterned details to an attire.   I couldn’t help but share this image of our male client who mixed this fun striped sock with his classic black pants and shoes.   Would you dare try it?

Striped Socks-Groom Attire-Richmond Weddings

Image ©Pauline Stephens for Elations Designs  Male: Damy

Refined and Classic Male Fashion

A classic look will never go out of style.   Attention to your facial grooming down to your cufflinks speaks volumes.  As simple as it may seem it takes time and good preparation to look refined.

Tuxedo-Groom-African-Richmond Weddings-ElationsDesigns

Image ©Pauline Stephens for Elations Designs.  Male: Damy

Valentines Day Fun- Richmond Wedding Planner

Because of my profession I know more people who’ve fallen in love, are planning nuptials and on this day sending flowers, cards and gifts to their significant other.  Spreading this type of love should be for everyday don’t you think?  Well, without the mad dash to Hallmark and other retail chains who’ve overstocked on everything Valentine related.

I had a fun day out with Gabrielle who is a sweet and beautiful Ghanaian a few weeks ago and this is what we did. Happy Valentine’s Day!





A Heart for You

Valentine’s Day is marked as the day of love.  Here is a heart for everyone who has followed this blog, our facebook page and every facet of what I do.

Valentine’s Day Card Love To You


A Bride’s Helper- Richmond Wedding Planner

What an important role for anyone appointed.  Providing sweet packages with notes like this is always a treat.  We have a few left in stock.  Fill out the contact form on for interests.


Elations Designs is a full service event planning and design company based in Richmond Virginia.  We also specialize in destination events.