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Popping In

I’ve been pretty busy with planning weddings these past few weeks.  I will pop back in over the next two weeks.  Life is crazy busy but you will not be disappointed with what I will share.  Thank you to my die hard blogger friends for keeping up with me.

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Fabulous Invites – Royal

Just elegant all by itself, this blue invite will set the tone for your event. As a guest, I would look forward to attend an upscale event with all the trimings.   The first item is a personal or thank you note card that you could send out to your guests.

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Fabulous Invites

One aspect of my business that I really enjoy is invitations and paper products.  I think they add that extra punch to your event and makes everyone excited to see more.  I always assist my clients with choosing or creating myself the perfect invitations, programs and favor set.  I will be featuring time to time […]

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Another Modern Bride Ad- Laila Ali

Okay ladies, this is a beautiful bride.  Love everything about this look from the soft hairstyle, timeless jewelry and beautiful bouquet of roses.   The groom looked very GQ’d.  Are those gators he has on his feet?   Nice look.

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Love Modern Bride’s Ad Campaign

I really like these new ads that are out courtesy of Modern Bride magazine.   They feature some of my favorite celebrities such as Laila Ali and Guiliana Rancic.  The campaign is in conjunction with raising funds for a non-profit organization, I Do Foundation.  If you have not heard, couples who register with I Do Foundation […]

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