My Love Deserves Forever

This blog is about authentic experiences.  These experiences come from around the globe but they have one thing in common:  Love.  Love can be directed towards ones career, hobby, or passion for life.  As this may be true, when most people hear the word love, a greater number may associate this with a human emotion towards another resulting in marriage or another form of commitment.   I have had the opportunity to witness love between many couples.   And, I can say that I have had the experience to see many levels of love.  For example, there is nothing like the love a mother shows her daughter on her wedding day.  You can see the care she puts into making sure her daughter feels like the most beautiful and important person in the room.  And, that father who carefully holds his daughters hand down the aisle while beaming with pride, mixed with a bit of fear that his once baby girl is now officially in someone else’s care.


image by Photoria for Elations Designs. Copyright.

I decided last year, that I will allow myself to experience all over again this powerful emotion called love and let it guide me every day for that matter.  I realized that for many years my drive was to help others experience “Elations” (no pun intended) during their wedding, party or other social event.  It is a great feeling to see love fill a room while knowing you had a role in helping others express that.  But as a long time professional, I started to feel indifferent and thought this is what should happen regardless of the time, day or persons involved.  Ironically,  I thought that way for everyone but myself.   I lost that I should experience love over and over again on days other than my wedding anniversary or birthday.  I used to think, “Yes, my family loves me and I married the love of my life which is more than enough.”

So, I have relearned that I deserve to experience love every day for the rest of my life.  So, I have been allowing my loves to shower me and take time to experience love every day I wake. 

I fell in awe with this song and it is one of my theme songs which I wanted to share with you as well.  I hope that you are encouraged to find what it is that you love and allow it to love you back. 


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