Armed for Event Day – A Planner Must Have


I typically have a bag of emergency items for my bridal clients on the day of their event.  It usually consists of scary items such as pins; both bobby and clothes pins, deodorant, clear nail polish, lint buster, comb, brush, wipes, hand sanitizer and the list goes on.  You know those overpriced things which you always have to replace because it is just not sanitary to reuse them.  At least in my opinion. 

Well, I come armed with my must have items as well:

1- MY GLASSES:  in case for some reason my contacts start bothering my poor eyes.   And if you are recommending that I get lasik surgery I will yell at the top of my lungs.  I can’t find the nerve to do it after hearing horror stories.  So yes, my Prada glasses with a very strong prescription goes in my bag.

2- MY COCO MADEMOISELLE PERFUME:  to put me in the right mood as a boss ready to lead the team to success.  This is my all time favorite perfume.   I don’t mean to get too technical, but it works well with my body chemistry. 

3- MY CHANEL LIPGLOSS: there is not another brand on the market that I will convert to. After years of using so many awful glosses I realize that I just need to stick to what works for me. I have been a faithful consumer for about five years now.  Unless someone else can pursuade me otherwise, this always goes in my bag.

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