Peace of Mind- It’s Free

I am usually the one out of my group of friends who challenges everyone to think deeper.  Not sure why I always do this but it typically comes at the end of a really hard day at work.  I get beat up usually with my family and friend’s resistance such as, “But why now?… It’s been a long day….alright lets hear it”.  One day when I have a little down time I will get down to the bottom of why I tend to challenge everyone .  I can go on and make a number of assumptions but again that would be me challenging again.  For now I want to blame it on needing to balance work and real life.

Yesterday evening I had a heartfelt conversation with a total stranger…Yes I do that often.  The conversation started off about our creative work and then lead into what really matters to us at the end of the day.  My thoughts covered having peace of mind knowing you are doing what you want and how you want to.  I wasn’t hesitant to say, “You have to be happy with what you do and you have to do it for yourself and anyone that matters the most to you….nothing more/nothing less”.  Everyone will have their opinion about what you should be doing and how you should be.  I say go against the grain and do what makes you Happy.  There is no cost to this and you have nothing to lose.

This song coming from the mouth of a child brought me back to my conversation earlier. Thank you for pouring your heart into this song Willow Smith.

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